How to Win A Fight

Are you finding it challenging to get through the day without someone wanting to punch you? Do you feel tongue-tied when someone says something snarky? Claire and Wendy feel your pain and want to help you transfer that pain onto others. In this special “live action” episode, the dynamic duo teach you some world class martial arts techniques that are so easy even a baby could do them. And then they share some mind-bending verbal kung fu that will render anyone slinging shit your way, thunderstruck and alone.
This episode of Inside the Box really packs a punch. After listening, you’ll be ready for pretty much anything.

Segment 1: How to Win Physical Fight 

  • Wendy and Claire share their fighting inspirations
  • Wendy teaches Claire two ancient Shaolin Kung Fu animal style fighting techniques
  • They put their skills to the test and fight on the show
  • And then they discuss who they’d like to fight

Segment 2: How to Win a Verbal Fight

Here’s a taste of some of the superior quips that will put you on the winning side of any verbal assault:
  • Using fancy, high falutin words to make your verbal sparring partner feel stupid 
  • The power of insulting someone in another language
  • Effective Gaslighting strategies
  • Taking “space”
This segment concludes with an Insult Slinging Lightning Round 

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How to Win A Fight
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