How to Start a Cult - Part 2

So, this was an experience. In part 2 of “How to Start a Cult,” Claire and Wendy had the great pleasure (?) of meeting and interviewing bona fide cult leader, Tiresa of the Guardians of the Parthenon. Fasten your seatbelts.
Ten bucks says you haven’t heard of a cult like the Guardians of the Parthenon. 

Inspired by the blind mythical Greek prophet Tiresias, who transformed into a woman for seven years, ITB guest and cult leader Tiresa (pronounced Teresa) claims she is capable of auto-impregnation. That’s right. She can get herself pregnant. 

In this episode you’ll hear when the ill-fated cult train make its stop in Crazy Town as a certain impressionable podcast host steps aboard with the hope of siring a new Guardian. 

What will become of us? 

A big thank you to our very talented and dear friend, Julie Aitcheson, for bringing her brilliant improvisational and acting skills Inside the Box with us. So much fun! 
How to Start a Cult - Part 2
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