How to Start a Cult - Part 1

Claire and Wendy take the concept of "gaining followers" to a whole new level in this episode. Like master hypnotists, they spell out what it takes to be a successful cult leader and how to indoctrinate potential followers with a snazzy transcendent (wink, wink!) belief system. You'll also learn how easy it is to develop systems of control to "keep things running smoothly" and "get important shit done" (i.e., your laundry, etc.).
If you always wanted to start a cult, but didn't know how...this episode is for you! Claire and Wendy show you just how easy it is to:
  • Be a charismatic leader with a mystical origin story and really cool special powers
  • Make up a transcendent belief system so inviting that people will want to do stuff for you just to learn your secrets
  • Develop systems of control and influence to keep your cult thriving. Matching outfits! 
Claire and Wendy walk you through the process "as if" they were going to start their very own cult. Actually, they ended up each developing their own cult concept since Claire didn't like the idea of having a co-leader - which, in reality, was a great demonstration of the kind of fortitude a cult leader needs in order to be successful (even though Wendy's ideas were better). 
How to Start a Cult - Part 1
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