How to F#ck Up Your Life!

In this episode Claire and Wendy play the How to Fuck up Your Life game! You know, to make it fun. Play along and discover the creative ways in which they’ve fucked up their lives so that you can find creative ways to fuck yours up too. Because: Personal growth.

Claire and Wendy get real when they play their version of Three Truths and a Lie: The How to Fuck Up Your Life edition. In this episode they reveal the colorful ways in which they’ve fucked up their lives, and now probably regret sharing with the world on their podcast (Demonstrating how you can continue to fuck up your life even though you’ve allegedly learned from experience). 

This episode also includes:
  • Bonus Lightning Round – rapid fire ways to fuck up your life
  • "Oops. I shouldn’t have hit send.” Claire and Wendy respond to a listener’s request for advice regarding a monumental, and unfortunately all too common, fuck up. 

2020 Inside the Box with Claire & Wendy